Top Myths Disproved

MYTH: I can't afford to get my dog or cat spayed or neutered -- it is too expensive.

    TRUTH: There are many ways to get around the high cost of a private vet, which may result in a bill over $300.

  • 1. Find a low and no cost spay and neuter clinics all over the U.S. Search for a clinic near you on the GetYourFix Clinic or ASPCA/PetSmart Charities databases.
  • 2. Register on and profile your animal in need of being altered, if there is no low cost option in your area or even a low cost option is more than you can afford right now.

MYTH: My puppy or kitten is too young. My vet says I should wait until it is 6 months old.

    TRUTH: Pediatric spay/neuter (prepubertal gonadectomy) generally takes place between ages 8-16 weeks, but can be performed as early as 6 weeks.

  • This is commonly recommended in a setting where population control is a high priority, such as an animal shelter. There are known health advantages for getting fixed at this age, including reducing the incidence of mammary tumors (the most common type of tumor) in females and behavioral problems. The surgeries are also quicker, easier, less expensive, and result in fewer post-operative complications than for older patients. Recovery and healing are also faster. Read more.