• Willow

    Willow is my 3 year old black lab/husky mix, and I need to get her spayed ASAP. She is so sweet and very smart, and she should have been fixed by now, but I'm on disabili...

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  • Hero

    I work in an office across from a tractor and farm supply lot. I had spent the spring enjoying watching a colony of feral cats warm themselves just outside the barn in th...

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  • Dolly Lama

    I am Very low income. I am able to give Dolly all the Love and basic essentials she needs but can not afford even a small amount of the spay cost. She is a real Joy and...

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  • Ruby and Little Red

    I rescued 6 puppies from a house on a busy Highway where the mother dog kept having litter after litter. The puppies were on the side of the Highway one day so I stopped ...

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  • Layla Grace

    Our family rescued Layla from our local shelter when she was 12 weeks old. She was neglected and abused, so we took her home and loved her. She quickly became part of our...

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  • Lucy and George

    I am a disabled female on a limited income. I need to get both of my cats fixed.George is a grey tabby 11 months old and Lucy is a calico 5 months old. I love both of my...

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How GetYourFix Works

GetYourFix is the FiXIT program designed to make zero companion animal-euthanasia a reality by targeting one of the main obstacles for caregivers to fix their animals - the expense.

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