• Babaghnous

    I rescued babaghnous from a storage shed next door to my job. He was emaciated and flea ridden. I knew financially I could not keep him but I couldn't ignore his pleas. I...

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  • Gypsy

    Gypsy was bound for the pound when we found her. I am a single mom working 40hrs a week making barely enough to get by. I live in a town where pits or high on breeding pu...

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  • Storm

    I have taken in this kitten stray from the outside due to the weather soon to get bad. I cannot afford to get her fixed because I'm already receiving foodstamps. I'm worr...

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  • Lilly Caroline

    Lilly is a bright fun loving chocolate lab that was rescued when was about 9 weeks old. She has brought so much joy in my life and her fur brothers and sister (kitties an...

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  • Sweet Pea

    I am disabled and have two strays I found under my home. a Mother and babe. I brought them into my home to make sure nothing bad happened to the babe. They are both very ...

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  • Briar

    I took in 4 puppies that were thrown out by a friend's house that had mange really bad. It has cost a lot to treat the mange and get them a vaccination and they are almos...

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How GetYourFix Works

GetYourFix is the FiXIT program designed to make zero companion animal-euthanasia a reality by targeting one of the main obstacles for caregivers to fix their animals - the expense.

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